Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Railway strikes - the great labour unrest 1911 - 1913

 The new edition of FLW situates the original Little Wars in the context of 1913, and the background of strikes, the Home Rule crisis and the shadow of the Great War.

The uniforms of the British army in this period are fascinating - a fusion of service dress and ceremonial headdress.  I have done some research at Kew to see if any specific orders were issued, and to date have not uncovered any information in the 'Aid to Civil Powers' papers.

I found this splendid photo of a Fusilier battalion on duty;

In FLW the Guards are pictured on duty at a station:


  1. That is great information for little known variations on uniform.

  2. The fusiliers look like they might have dark blue trousers/

  3. Thanks James, and I have painted some in blue trousers - it is an interesting uniform